ARIS Solutions Financial Homepage

We have years of experience assisting nonprofit organizations with daily administrative tasks and we specialize in lowering the costs associated with activities such as payroll, accounting, and complex reporting procedures.

The ARIS Solutions Advantage

ARIS Solutions is unique because we are a nonprofit organization serving other nonprofit organizations. Our New England roots keep us attuned to the needs of the communities we serve.

We were founded as a cooperative effort between organizations like yours that needed to lower their administrative costs in order to focus more resources on community services.

Over the years we have successfully accomplished this goal by lowering the administrative costs of every organization ...

Success Stories

"Quite simply, I can not run my organization without ARIS. From payroll to monthly status reports and Medicaid billing all the way to our annual independent audit, ARIS employees take care of every detail for Families First. As an Executive Director I am never caught by surprise by financial statements that don't make sense, and am given information within hours of whenever I ask for it - which is often. Every ARIS employee is helpful, knowledgeable and friendly when giving me the financial information necessary to running my agency. This means that I can focus on families in need. I highly recommend ARIS to any other non-profit."

Julie Cunningham, LICSW
Executive Director
Families First

"ARIS Solutions has provided Global Campuses Foundation, GCF, with business services that have significantly professionalized the Foundation. As a grassroots educational nonprofit, our involvement with ARIS has strengthened the capacity to grow and advance our mission. ARIS professionals convey a positive, efficient and informative approach in their provision of such services as payroll processing, accounting, budget consultation, and 990 preparation. As educators, we are thrilled to know the essential and fundamental business operations of the Foundation are in the hands of dedicated experts, and we can devote our energies to what we know best. The most poignant dimension to our relationship with ARIS is that everyone there is knowledgeable of and committed to our mission to serve the campus participants and their educational programs. We truly place a major portion of the current success of Global Campuses Foundation on the business acumen and heartfelt service of ARIS Solutions."

Sheryl Tewksbury, Director
Global Campuses Foundation